Did We Really Love? Episode 01 Famous Korean Drama Did We Really Love? Episode 01 Newest English Sub Enjoy!
Love Letter Finale – Bae Seul Gi Bokgo Dance Special (en)
In this final episode of Love Letter which recaps significant scenes from S1, S2 & S3, this cut features Bae Seul Gi, the only girl featured among the 11 stars which lights up Love Letter, on the Bokgo Dance craze she created and became a trend in …
April Snow part1
i don’t have e-subtitle,so pls don’t ask.
24 with Bobby Lee and John Cho
This clip disappeared so I thought I’d put it back up. Enjoy. Bobby Lee, John Cho. John Cho, Bobby Lee.
Winter Sonata – From The Beginning Untill Now (Piano)
This is a piano-song from a korean drama series “Winter Sonata – Main Theme” (the opening theme). This drama series is veeery sad, but it has a happy ending. There is another version for singer/vocalist of this song. Unfortunately, I can’t sing on …
Xman #69 Dangyunhaji – JunSu vs Yunho & Bae Seul Gi (en)
Cut of the Dangyunhaji game from Xman #69 Choosuk special featuring Xiah Junsu taking on U-know Yunho and then Bae Seul Gi from Kang team and Lee team respectively. After the new “I’m sorry” attack by Jae Joong, Xiah comes up with his “Whatever…” a…
Bae Seul Gi and Brian Joo LL (3-04-06)
very cute part of Brian and Bae Seul Gi. can some1 translate what they said? here is the translation to this part 🙂 thank you to xmishy at soompi Brian: hello? Jung Eum: hello B: who is this? J: oppa its jung eumee B: hold on *boop* J: ok B: Seul g…
Love Letter 2.11.2006 (1)
Split into 2 parts.. So 1 episode into 2 parts Featuring: LeeMinWoo, HwanHee, Brian, ChunMyungHoon, KimJongMin, KimJiSuk, ChoiSiWon and ChoiGwon [?] ShimEunJing, ChaeYeon, OhSeungEun, BaeSeulGi, JoJungRin, SungEun[?], LeeYaeWon and ChaHyunJung[?]
BYJ CM Collection2004-2005 in JAPAN
Winter Sonata MV – Can’t Let Go This Love
Another MV of a beautiful song from Winter Sonata soundtrack..
[Love Letter] Bae Seul Gi Bokko Dance
This lovely girl 裴澀琪 dances in her Love Letter debut. It rocks!
Winter Sonata NG 30
Absolutely love this drama~
Choi Ji Woo Kisses
Choi Ji Woo compilation of kisses song: Simply the Best tina turner
Love Letter Season 3 episode 18 [2006.09.30] (1/7)
ENGLISH SUBBED!! I love this episode!! PLEASE NOTE…the credits for the subs are on the video! But I got the video from wackycashew’s clubbox! 😀 Guys: Jang Woo Hyuk, Kim Ki Bum, Yoon Jung Soo, Ham Jae Hee, Brian, Shin Jung Hwan, Choi Si Won, Kim Jo…
Xman #69 Intro – Dance Battle Stage Solo (en)
This is the cut of the introduction part of Xman #69 Choosuk special featuring the dance battle stage to dispel possible uneasiness among the participants. Watch the stage come alive as Micky YooChun, U-Know YunHo, Max ChangMin, Xiah JunSu, Hero JaeJ…
Xman #69 Couple Game – Love Love Rice Bag Part 2 of 2 (en)
This is Part 2 of 2 of the full couple game from Xman #69 Choosuk DBSK special involving all 5 couples with each member of Dong Bang Shin Ki. This features the DBSK boys trying to outdo each other in endurance, who will be the final victor in this en…
Love Letter 2.18.2006 (1)
The 2.18.2006 epsiode SPLIT into to 2 parts.. so if you put the 2 parts together it’s the whole episode
Bae Yong Joon’s The Image in Japan Vid 2
Bae Yong Joon visited Japan in 2004 in promotion of The Image. This clip showed what happened behind the scenes of the visit.
Bae Yong Joon in MV “Goodbye My Love”
Yep, the one and only MV starring him (excluding those in WLS, Hotelier). Not too sure this song sung by which singer, but it is a very nice song. And, he looks so good in short hair even without glasses!!!
Hotelier Episode 01(1/7) Famous Korean Drama Hotelier Episode 01(1/7) Newest English Sub Enjoy!