Ricky Hatton

Ricky Hatton vs Jose Luis Castillo 4th round knockout
Ricky “the Hitman” Hatton vs Jose Luis Castillo – the hitmans 4th round knockout against the Mexican.
Ricky Hatton
A tribute to my favorite boxer. Blue Moon by Supra is the entrance music he picks for each fight and his website is rickyhitmanhatton.com for those of you looking for the song- http://rachel.ac/supra/bluemoon.mp3
Ricky Hatton Ring Entrance – Classic!
Ricky Hatton’s ring entrance from his fight against Jose Luis Castillo. Absolutely brilliant! Love Churchill’s speech.
Ricky Hatton compilation
If you’re a fan of “The Hitman” then hopefully you’ll like this. Song – Remember the Name by Fort Minor
Oasis liverpool echo arena (opening Ricky hatton)
liverpool echo arena on the 7th of october 2008 ricky hatton starts the show with a speech, and then oasis come on and kick it off with rock n roll star… amazing gig and an amazing band
In This Corner with Ricky Hatton
In This Corner’s James Smith a.k.a. “Smitty” talks to Ricky Hatton about his approach to punishing his opponents. Smitty laces ’em up for you to get close up and personal with one of the best body punchers of all time.
Ricky Hatton v Chris Kamara :: Ding-Dong in Denton
Kammy ‘The Khazi’ Kamara versus Ricky ‘The Hitman’ Hatton, live from Billy Graham’s Phoenix Gym Denton Manchester. Aired Xmas 2005 on Sky Sports Goals on Sunday. features: Ricky Hatton, Michael Gomes, Billy Graham, Kerry Kayes, Ben Kamara, Jack Kam…
Ricky Hatton
THE BIG ONE Hatton v Mayweather this is a vid of Ricky Hatton training for the big fight on December 8 2007 personally i want Mayweather to win
Ricky Hatton on Oscar De La Hoya Fight
Ricky Hatton talks about turning down Oscar De La Hoya Fight & his next fight.
We chat to boxer Ricky Hatton as he collects his beloved Del Boy van from the garage after we put it through its MOT.
Ricky Hatton & Joey Barton training @ The pheonix Gym
Ricky Hatton & Joey Barton training @ The pheonix Gym on 16/11/07 1 week before Hatton flys out to Vegas to row Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Ricky Hatton
Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Ricky Hatton -12/08/2007 WBC Welterweight championship of the world http://www.myspace.com/fatherramfacade music – “8th and Blues” by Ram Facade
Richard Hatton MBE is a British boxer. He is seen by many as one of the greatest British fighters of all-time and as of November 2007 he is ranked the eighth best pound for pound boxer in the world by Ring Magazine. Hatton is a two-time IBF and IBO…
Ricky Hatton Vs Floyd Mayweather Press Conference
Ricky swears a couple of time live on Sky Sports News with some brilliant put down to Floyd
T2 Jaw Broken Ricky Hatton Tribute
This is the remix of heart broken by T2! Tribute to the fight of hatton Vs maywether Sing Along It’s time to lace those gloves Stand up strong and tall and tough Go out there and get your love We’ve got a champion to make Knock him out so he …
ricky hatton
ricky hatton the best british boxer ever will destroy floyd gayweather
Floyd mayweather vs Ricky hatton promo
Floyd mayweather vs Ricky hatton promo kinda you’ll get the what i mean
P4P Boxing, Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Ricky Hatton Predictions
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Ricky Hatton vs Lazcano
Ricky winning the IBO Light Welterweight Title
ricky hatton bag training
What its like to face ricky hatton in the ring