Matthew Hatton’s fight with Saul ‘ Kanello ‘ Alvarez cynical contest

Matthew Hatton is a happy boy and he knows it. When Ricky more “The younger brother ” joins the exciting young Mexican prospects of Saul “Alvarez ” Alvarez in the Kalfornian ring on Saturday night at the WBC vacant Middleweight title contest, no fighter should be allowed to escape with the notion That he is going to become the best 11-stone fighter in the world.

For start they contracted to weigh in under 150lbs, four pounds under the designated limit; Second, nor even the genuine light-middle, though Alvarez is considered a great man. It’s boxing pragmatism on its most cynical.

With the best will in the world quickly organized a bout of farce on par with Manny Pacquiao pretending that his upcoming bout with the store wore Shane Mosley is the biggest test for him when the updated Juan Manuel Marquez begging for the third bout. Pacquiao, in fact, gave up the 11-stone WBC belt to fight Mosley.

Whoever wins in Anaheim, meanwhile (youth, form and all commercial imperatives suggest that it will be an unbeaten 20-year-old Alvarez, not a 29-year-old Manchester) will fight to persuade the revival of Sheffield Ryan Rhodes, for one that It even has to be anywhere in the title.

Rhodes has made impressive progress up by the WBC own ranking and is a genuine light-mid, but Hatton and Alvarez, the natural welterweight champion, are a comfortable advertising fit just because of their ties.

Ricky Hatton has a business deal with promoter Alvarez, Oscar De La Hoya, and Matthew will take much less from the bank than almost any other challenger – such as Rhodes.

Next Saturday in Las Vegas, Miguel Cotto, who returned heavily from beating Pacquiao in November 2009, defended his WBA version of the 11th-stone championship against tempered Ricardo Mayorga-not a perfect pairing, but better than Hatton-Alvarez.

However, Hatton has some chance against Alvarez, who, for all the hype, is a lead kicker and has a serious flaw putting his punch drop his belt after throwing him. If Hatton spots that opening fast enough, loads with wrongful and stays away from Mexican bombs it can surprise us all – and Alvarez.

So it would be foolish to dismiss Matthew as a “other Hatton ” or to view his perspective through the prism of his early career form. It has improved a lot since the internal defeats of David Kirk, who lost 43 times when they fought in 2002, Liverpool newbie David Keir Six months later, serial “opponent ” Alan Bosworth on disqualification in 2006 and live Craig Watson for the Commonwealth A welterweight title three years ago.

He also won the European welterweight title, a worthy achievement. But that’s where he got the dignity. If he wins this, it will be a shock of the year so far. Good luck to him – though just getting a fight he probably used all the good fortune coming his way for a while.

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