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Ricky Hatton – The Hitman

Richard John Hatton

 MBE (born 6 October 1978) is a British professional boxer. He has since worked as a boxing promoter and trainer. During his boxing career, he held several world championships at light-welterweight and one at welterweight. Hatton is ranked by BoxRec as the best British light-welterweight of all time, the third best in Europe, and the eleventh best in the whole world. He has inspired sports betting on a next level in England because of his competitive and enticing matches. Online casinos around the globe tune their sites for betting when boxing season hits because they know people will come to bet on boxing matches, competitions and tournaments. Usually this site NoDepositAussie has the best bonuses when boxing season comes, but otherwise have very nice offers throughout the year.

Richard is known as a passionate gambler and was often seen in the past playing poker and blackjack for big money. Asked in an interview if he is still enjoying casino games, he answered that today he plays more for fun on small stakes tables in online casinos found at from the comfort of his home.

Boxing as a Competitive Sport

Box definitely has an interesting history through. In 2008 saw an increase in the number of games; at the end of the year, there were over 30 games taking place in Greater London with over 1,000 members attending and over 15,000 spectators. There are some traditional boxing organizations that still exist, such as The British & Commonwealth Amateur Boxing Association and the British Boxing Association.
The Northern Ireland Amateur Boxing Association was established in 1955 as the NI Amateur Boxing Association after that boxing really seemed to take off even with betting, which almost leveled with the popularity of poker, which was still in it’s prime. Maybe still is to this day, with the success of sites like SecretPokerLeague even may come back with a bang.